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My Journey

This Workout Kicked My Ass and It Was Incredible

Yesterday my workout kicked my ass and it was incredible.

I signed up for Reebok's Spartan Workout of the Day Training newsletter a few days ago after watching the races on TV, and I'm not one who's particularly bent on New Year's resolutions, but the timing could not be more appropriate. I couldn't be more excited to add a new dimension to my training.

Today was my first day and here was the plan:


Dynamic warm up
Run/cycle/row/jump rope 5 minutes

Main set:

75 burpees
30 squat tosses (vertical or forward) with sandbag or medicine ball
5-30 bodyweight squats
5-30 pull-ups
5 rope climbs (or 5 x 25' bear crawls)

Repeat main set 1-4 times, depending on ability

Cool down:


To be completely honest, I barely made it through just one round of the main set, and in the back of my mind I took comfort myself with the thought that my diet has sucked for the past week (Christmas holidays), and I've basically taken that time off to recharge the batteries a little. I don't like to make excuses, so I take no solace in the thought. 

I relish new challenges and keeping up with these daily workouts will be a great way to kick off 2016. Here's to reaching the next level of performance!