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My Journey

Productivity Hacking: "Is It Worth My Time?"

Maintaining focus can be tough.

I especially struggle to maintain focus when I work on my computer.

I’ve made attempts, where possible, to move to pen and paper, but as a developer, it's impossible to entirely shift away.

Very often I get distracted by my own thoughts, news articles, notifications, phone calls and all other imaginable intrusions when I'm in work mode. I'm also willing to admit that I delude myself with the idea that these things are really important and are worth my attention. When I eventually do get back to what I’m doing, I have to restart the entire process of getting back into a workflow.

I've searched for all kinds of tips online but they haven't quite worked for me (or I've applied them ineffectively).

This became my solution...

One day I got an idea to create an omnipresent reminder of where I need to direct my energy because, every so often, I find myself blankly staring at my screen. I went to canva.com to create the custom wallpaper you see above and I set it as my desktop background.

It was a quick and dirty job that achieved what I needed. This image encapsulates why I do what I do and why I need to keep it front and center of my attention.

Is the thing I’m doing or thinking about so important that I should be willing to dedicate time to it that distracts from my goals?

Rarely is the answer to this question yes, so I kick myself back into what I’m supposed to be doing. The more I’ve been doing this, the longer I’ve been staying in flow, and the less I’ve found myself being distracted.

This has worked for me and you’re welcome to try it. Better yet, find what works best for you. Take a moment to think about it.

If you have any suggestions for myself, or other readers, you’re more than welcome to pitch in through the comments section.