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American Airlines Off Peak Chart

You’re reading this post because you’ve been wondering what to do with those AAdvantage miles you’ve racked up in your frequent flyer account.

Like any rational person, you want to make the most of them. And like most lifestyle designers, you’ve settled on the option of jetsetting to some random, exotic location half-way around the world, where people speak a language you don’t understand.

Using American Airlines AAdvantage Off Peak Awards Chart

American Airlines offers cheaper flight awards during off-season, and you should take advantage of this as much as possible. Below you’ll find the list off peak travel dates by region:

MileSAAver Off Peak Dates

  • Hawaii: January 12 - March 13, August 22 - December 15
  • Caribbean and Mexico: September 7 - November 14
  • Central America:  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela: January 16 - June 14, September 7 - November 14
  • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay: March 1 - May 31, August 16 - November 30
  • Europe: October 15 - May 15;
  • Japan and South Korea: October 1 - April 30

Let’s start by checking the Oneworld and other airline award chart to determine the mileage requirement.

First, select your region of origin. For example, if you live in the U.S., you’ll select the “Contiguous 48 U.S. States” dropdown menu.

American Airlines AAdvantage Award Chart

Next, look for the region of the world you’ll be traveling to. For regions where there are multiple options, such as South America 1 and 2, or Asia Region 1 and 2, select, “View region definitions” to see a full breakdown of destinations classified in that region.

South American Regions 1 & 2 definitions

Return to the travel destination chart and you’ll notice that not all regions have an off peak mileage requirement, and you are limited to economy class travel for off peak travel, so you are somewhat limited in your choices for discounted travel, but there’s still great variety in what’s available.

Book A Flight Using the Off Peak Award Chart

Booking a flight from New York to São Paulo

In our example, let’s fly from the Contiguous U.S. to Brazil. During the off peak seasons of March 1 to May 31 and August 16 - November 30, the mileage requirement drops from 20,000 to 30,000. Bear in mind, the miles shown in the award chart are for one-way travel, so the total requirement for round-trip travel to Brazil is 40,000 miles in off peak season versus 60,000 during peak seasons—a total savings of 20,000 miles. That’s enough to get you another free one-way ticket to Hawaii!

The final note here is that you will still need to pay applicable taxes and fees for the trip. For this example, that works out to US$115 at the time of writing. That’s not a crazy price to pay for a trip to Brazil.


  • Booking during off peak seasons offers significant mileage savings.
  • Mileage requirements shown on the AAdvantage Awards Chart are for one-way travel only, so you combine awards for round-trip or multi-city travel.
  • You will need to pay applicable taxes and fess for your trip.


American Airlines Award Map

Use the the American Airlines Award Map to see where the miles you have can take you. The map won’t indicate off peak travel destinations, nor will it indicate off peak travel dates, so be sure to refer to the awards chart for this information.