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My Journey

2016 Wish List

Now that holiday festivities are winding down and we're all awakening to the fact that there's work to be done, I'm taking a serious look at what I want out of 2016. It'll certainly take some work  outperform the feats of 2015 but I think I'm up to the task. This is  my 2016 wish list:

Body & Mind

2015 was the year of strength. Calisthenics, lots of hours in the gym, plenty protein shakes later, I've added a few pounds in muscle mass.

While I'll be looking to continue to make strides in this area, I'm turning my attention a lot more to building endurance. To get this process kickstarted, I've been following the Spartan Training program to add variety to my training.

Just a few days in, I can feel it paying off already. I'm looking forward to what those results will look like by year-end.

It was also a year in which I think I truly embraced "living in the moment." Noise and distractions are abundant, and I've made every effort to see through the fog and pay attention only to things conducive to reaching my goals. This has meant trimming the fat and shunning immediate rewards in favor of long-term targets.

In 2016, I'm aiming to further improve my focus. I've come far but there's still a long way yet to go.


Apple Watch 2
iPhone 7
MacBook Pro 15" (Retina)

I've painstakingly held myself back from buying the first version of the Apple Watch with the expectation to see vast improvements in software and hardware performance in version two. According to the rumor mill, an announcement is only a couple months away and I'll be among those staying up until midnight when pre-orders usually begin hoping to be among the first to get my hands on one when it's released.

My iPhone 6 Plus still holds up exceptionally as my daily driver but it'll be 2 years old in the Fall and lacking the latest innovations in hardware, so chances are I'll upgrade if there are compelling enough reasons when the next iPhone is announced.

I've been able to accomplish a surprising amount using the MacBook Air as my development machine. After 2 years, it's beginning to show it's age. I could really use the extra performance, especially because I've been doing a lot more video editing with all my GoPro footage. An upgrade to the Pro line likely won't arrive until March/April if Apple follows last year's release cycle and it won't at all be painful to hold out until that time comes.


Lake Tahoe (California), U.S.A.
Kingston, Jamaica
Cali, Colombia
Fort Lauderdale (Florida), U.S.A.

I'm really excited to have ended 2015 on a high note, confirming my first trip for 2016 on New Year's Eve. I'll be headed to the mountains of Lake Tahoe for a ski-trip reunion with compadres from university.

I expect to touch down in Jamaica once again to continue the expansion of MediRevu and take the business to the next level. Somewhere in the rest of my year I'd then like to fit in a another trip to South America with my sights set on Colombia, and with the recent launch direct services (and cheap airfares) to Fort Lauderdale,  it'd make another excellent year in travel.


T-Shirts, shorts and sandals. People expect nothing else when I arrive on scene and are nothing less than shocked if I do anything more. It's what I'm most comfortable in but I feel like the time has come for fashion makeover.

I won't make any revelations of what that will look like but the world will be impressed when it comes.