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My Journey

I Deleted Facebook From My Phone (Again!)

I’m a huge proponent and enforcer of working in a distraction-free environment, so in any conversation about the biggest distractions in today’s world, mentioning Facebook is inevitable.

I once deleted Facebook in an effort to escape the gravitational pull of social media, which I'd liken to the event horizon of a black hole. I also did other things like setting my phone to a 24-hour Do Not Disturb mode and cast it aside while working. This enormously boosted my attention span and productivity.

Lured into a position of complacency, I figured I had a lid on things and decided to loosen the reins a little bit. The ensuing decline in productivity went by unnoticed and unchecked. Do Not Disturb was out the door, though I’d keep my phone on silent, and various social applications made their way back onto my phone—including Facebook.

Of all the social applications I use, I’ve found Facebook to have the unique ability to consume attention unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. There was a time when I’d sit idly scrolling myself into oblivion. I was able to force it into remission and now it’s back. Other phenomena, that seem unrelated but have been illustrated to have some correlation even if not causation, such as anxiety and lack of focus, have also returned.

And so, this morning, I decided it was once again time for Facebook to go.

My shoulders already feel lighter. This time the calm is here to stay.