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My Journey

Sweet Summer 2016

It's been a while since my last real blog post. I'm more than a little disappointed by that, but I have a really good excuse -- I've been having the time of my life!

PitchIT Caribbean

My busy summer kicked off a hop over to Montego Bay for the PitchIT Caribbean competition. MediRevu continued its winning ways. More importantly, we had the opportunity to build relationships with great mentors and made several new friends throughout the Caribbean.

Go Lybron, It's Your Birthday!

After spending 2 months in Brazil last year, it was gonna be hard to top that this year; however,  I rose to the challenge. I teamed up with Life by Dave for a jam-packed itinerary that'd make any avgeek's heart sing.

I flew from BGI to JFK, shuttled over to EWR for a flight to DCA where I’d meet up with David. We spent the following day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

There was no rest for the wary as we packed up and set off for Buenos Aires via HOU. Little did I know it was a holiday when we set down.

Admittedly, I put absolutely no effort into planning what I'd do while there but I made the most of it. The following 3 days were a festival of food with some sight-seeing sandwiched in between. My inner polar bear is officially smitten with South American winter get aways, while the Northern Hemisphere is being scorched. I’m sure I’ll be looking up another destination south of the Equator around this time next year.

I Thee Throttle Up

Another year, another wedding.

This was my first time visiting Canada, and more specifically, my first time in Toronto. Two things struck me most during my time there: 1. Toronto is an unbelievably clean city 2. It gets pretty darn hot during the summer.

A couple other other members of the gang flew up for the party…I mean wedding. As such, boys will only be boys. We spent more time goofing off than we did getting ready for the wedding. It was fantastic fun.

I followed up with a short hop down to Brooklyn for a few days—mainly to visit family and replace my broken laptop. It was another mad dash to the finish line but I left no stone unturned.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

I've been working hard and playing hard.

Adios Summer 2016! Time to see out the year with bang!