Recommended iOS Apps


Hours Time Tracking

Hours is a nifty little app I use to track the time I'm spending on my most important tasks. The Notification Center widget is SO handy because I can start and stop timers as needed without having to even enter the app.

iA Writer Pro

I do all my writing in iA Writer Pro. It has a clean, distraction-free UI that sucks me into my zone.

Day One Journal

At the end of each day I record all the important events and insights I made (or lack thereof). It has great text formatting options and it can automatically grab lots of details around what you're experiencing: current weather, GPS location, add a photo, current music you're listening to, motion activity recorded by your iPhone.

AppCooker (iPad only)

I use AppCooker for wire framing and prototyping on the go. It's limited in a few ways but definitely versatile enough to get the job done.

Printer Pro

Printer Pro is great for wirelessly printing from an iOS device. Printing documents and web pages is as simple as tapping an icon on a share sheet.

Health & Fitness

Nike+ Running

Confession: I'm a Nike fanboy. There are lots of running apps out there but I'm comfortable with Nike's running app and it suits my needs as a casual, though effortful, runner. I'm attempting to get to a 4 minute mile, so the voice feedback options and pace graph are great during and when reviewing a run.


Human is a more casual activity tracker than makes sure you get your recommend 30 active minutes per day. The ability to set move reminders is great so you don't stay inactive for extended period of time.


Lark is an activity tracker with an attitude. What I love is that it not just a simple data store. Lark provides feedback on your activity trends and sleep quality to keep you aware of whether  you're improving or regressing in taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle

I have been a Sleep Cycle user for years, and I love it. Sleep cycle uses your device's sensors to measure sleep quality; it does this by monitoring how often you move during your sleep. It also uses this data to determine the best time to wake you near the alarm time you set. The key difference here is you wake from deep sleep, you'll tend to feel groggy. If you're woken during light sleep, you'll tend to feel more refreshed. This app will also allow you to record your mood and resting heart rate (a good indicator of your heart's health) upon waking.

All-In-Yoga (

I've experiment a few yoga programs (videos and apps) and this is the one I've really fallen for. With a number of pre-configured programs for beginners through to advanced levels, it accommodates both variety and progression.



I use Duolingo for bite-sized free language learning. So far I've focused on Brazilian Portuguese, but I have also brushed up my French, and learned a little German, Swedish and Italian.



1Password is the ultimate password management tool which syncs your passwords across your iOS and Mac OS devices. I used to use one password for all my logins, which is dangerous to say the least. Now within, 1Password, and its handy password generator, my password concerns are a thing of the past.


Pushbullet is a great tool for sharing files and links between you iOS device and Mac. You may thinking "AirDrop already does this for me" but Pushbullet has the added benefit of syncing notifications from your iOS device to your Mac.


MacID allows you to unlock your MacBook or iMac using your iPhone/iPad with TouchID or Apple Watch.  It can be configured automatically lock your computer when your mobile device is away and is adjustable in sensitivity with a proximity setting.

Convertible - Unit/Currency Converter

Convertible is an indispensable tool for the avid traveler and whacky scientist in you. If there's a unit or currency you don't find in here, you are probably from another planet. 



I use Instapaper to save articles I'm interested until a later time when I can read them.



Twitter is my usual go-to for news and updates on the few things I consider important. 


Words can hardly describe how in love I've fallen with Periscope. It's such fantastic community full of enthused and exciting people. Not only have I made great friends, but I get to see other parts of the world and parts of their world.


I fancy myself as an amateur photographer and make regular posts of my adventures on Instagram.