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Who Is Lybron?


Life to the Max

I am Lybron Sobers, co-founder and CTO of CarePoint, a startup helping doctors save lives throughout the Caribbean. We provide doctors with tools to improve patient outcomes, and to empower and encourage patients to take an active role in their own health

The story of how I got here tends to raise a few eyebrows.

I started out wanting to be an airline pilot from a very early age. The dream persisted through the years and led to pursue my bachelor’s  degree in Aeronautics. Upon completion of my degree, I had only completed my private pilot and instrument rating certifications, however. Money was the brick wall that would stand in the way of completing my commercial certificate.

After returning to my native Barbados, it was difficult to find employment anywhere with such a niche qualification. So with plenty of spare time and disposable brain-power in abundance, I decided to pursue something I had been putting off for a long time; I decided to learn how to code. Specifically, I was captivated by the then-new iPad and the explosion of excitement around the app ecosystem. I became a self-taught developer making iOS apps and budding entrepreneur.

A few hits and misses later, I stumbled across my co-founders, Shannon and Samora, with whom we came up with the concept for CarePoint. Now, as the resident health-nut, I entertain the rest of the team with crazy health and exercise routines, like standing while working, and in my spare time I lead product development at CarePoint.

These days, I’m intrigued by the concept of lifestyle design, which has most notably been popularized by Tim Ferris, who authored The Four Hour Workweek. While a great deal of transformation is yet to be made, I’m laser-focused on improving three key areas of my life: optimization of my health, maximization of my leisure and maximization of my productivity.

I decided to start this blog as an outlet for the overflow of thoughts I constantly mull over, and as means for others to learn from my failures and the occasional successes. I’m living a life-long experiment and documenting all the results.